An Amateur’s Guide to Hiking, Biking and Kayaking in Sri Lanka

An Amateur’s Guide to Hiking, Biking and Kayaking in Sri Lanka

When it comes to small group adventure, there’s always the excitement on who else would be in your tour and how well you would get along with the group. As nerve-wracking as it sounds it may not necessarily be the best option for everyone which is why you can always opt-in for a packaged tour option instead to get the same experience with your own style.

For those intrepid travellers who are in for a challenging adventure in the country then hiking with some biking and kayaking in between is certainly the best way forward to get your adrenaline pumping.


Sri Lanka has many hiking trails in different parts of the country, each designed to give you a unique experience which you can’t get from the other.  Sigiriya is a good landmark to start your journey in as you get to witness the spectacle of the tall rock and strikingly flat land. You can also spend the night camping or in the rainforest to get a more adventurous feel and start your preceding day with a fresh water shower in the waterfall and eat a traditional local breakfast. To finish off your hiking journey, you should certainly visit Manigala where you get to test your limits and enjoy a truly remarkable hiking experience in the country.


Hatton is a great place to enjoy a cycling trip in the country as you get to experience winding bends on the mountain roads amidst lush green tea plantations in the country. As you start your journey you may experience a bit of traffic and random buses passing your way but the journey would certainly get quieter as you continue. The start of your journey may not have many uphill’s, the trip would certainly get harder as you get towards Adam’s Peak as you get steeper climbs along the way. The downhill section of the ride would be a great opportunity for you to check out the beautiful landscapes and surroundings and wave back at local kids passing along the route.


“Kalu Ganga” (translated as, black river) is a great area to do kayaking in Sri Lanka as you get to experience how many people rely on the river for the livelihood from fishermen to gem miners. There are also camping facilities along the route which provide decent accommodation so you can enjoy a good night’s rest. However, be vary of who you choose as your partner in your Kayak, as its designed to accommodate only two people and you need to be prepared to go around 20 km a day. Kayaking isn’t really a test of your physical strength rather your mental strength so you need to be a good decision maker as a team. As you approach the end of the journey on probably the third day, you’ll realize that it gets tougher and tougher as you go against the tide near the sea

Although the journey may not extremely challenge its highly not recommended that you do it entirely on your own as you can always get assistance and backup in case of emergencies if you’re doing the trip with a renowned tour operator and a supportive guide. However, the experience which you could possibly gain would stick with you for a lifetime as you realize the mesmerizing views, local culture and food which you could come into contact with throughout your journey. On the final day of the trip you can spend it in the coastal areas with some time out in the swimming pool to relax and complete your adventure in Sri Lanka. Was this the sort of adventure you were seeking to get on your next tour in Sri Lanka, let us know in the comments below