7 amazing hiking and adventure trails you can’t miss in Sri Lanka

7 amazing hiking and adventure trails you can’t miss in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for adventure seekers and hikers alike in addition it also offers unique experiences with each destination you may visit. In this series we shall be exploring some of the top 7 destinations which you can’t miss during your visit to this country.

Sigiriya – Commonly nicknamed as the “8th wonder of the world”, this UNESCO world heritage site was once an ancient kingdom of one of the Kings who ruled Ceylon (aka Sri Lanka as it was known that time). There are around 1200 steps in total to get to the top and is best suited to start your journey at the brink of dawn so you get to experience the beautiful sunrise at the top. Climbing the rock isn’t a challenging task however the steps do get a bit narrower as you get towards the top.

9 arch bridge in Ella – This is a magnificent site to visit as you can get to see first-hand the beautiful architecture of the 9-arch bridge on which the railroad track runs past. It bridge is about 90 metres in length and around 24 metres in height, getting to the bridge is only a short walk away from the Ella Railway station from where you would find a tunnel after which you can find the bridge. Trains pass by the bridge many times a day so if you wait long enough you could get the opportunity to find a couple of trains passing through.

Brandy rock – Located in the Matale district this is a great hiking trail situated in an off-terrain road which preferably may need a 4x4 to get you to the entrance of the location. However, the walk across in the hiking trail is one of the best journeys which you could possibly experience as you get to see an amazing view point at the top of the rock and capture some amazing pictures along the way. The trail also has many streams of water passing by with crystal clear water which the locals say are safe for consumption too.

Great Western – This mountain range is considered the 6th highest mountains in the country and is located in the Nuwara Eliya district. There are many amazing places to see along in the route including the badulu training crossing the carriage way, slippery rock climbs and beautiful viewpoints along the way.

Alien mountain – This is a lovely mountain to visit in Sri Lanka and has been said to have had UFO sightings in the past, the caves in this place are dated to be in existence from the 2nd Century. One of the biggest caves is known to have one of the biggest buddha statues almost 40 feet in height.

Hanthane – Hantane is yet another amazing hiking trail located near Kandy and offers a truly breath-taking experience to explore the rocky trails in the mountainous terrain. Its not a cold climate normally, but do expect a bit of rain and shine across as you go through to the top. There isn’t really a great viewpoint experience at the top but it’s a good spot to visit if you got some excess adrenaline to be used up.

Manigala hike – This 14 km hiking trail in the Knuckles mountain range is certainly a great adventure to test your limits as the moment you realize its height you should be prepared for what is to come ahead. The trail starts by crossing across small villages, paddy fields and rivers but gets steeper as you continue and even harder to climb as you get to the top. However, once you’ve reached the pinnacle at the top, you’ll realize that your efforts have not been wasted as you get amazing views across the Corbets Gap. This isn’t well known in the country for hiking so you wouldn’t have as many tourists as in other places in the country. The river bank is a great spot to relax and enjoy lunch on your way down the trail.

That pretty much sums up this series on the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka to get the maximum from your adventure experience in your next Sri Lankan adventure. Let us know which destination excited you the most in the comments below and plan out your next adventure in Sri Lanka.